3 reasons 2018 is the year to quit smoking cannabis... and start vaping!

3 reasons 2018 is the year to quit smoking cannabis... and start vaping!

January 07, 2018

January is very much the month for new beginnings, self-improvement and new healthy habits.

This week, however, I have failed dry January, haven't used my new gym membership once and have had carbs with every meal - my old habits obviously die a very hard, slow death!

One habit I found easy to give up on was smoking cannabis. I switched to vaping two years ago and never looked back. Below are three reasons you should do the same!!!


Give your lungs a rest!

Whilst the most ardent cannabis advocates will argue that smoking cannabis has never been proven to cause lung cancer, I think we can all agree that smoking anything is not great for your health.

When you burn cannabis it combusts at over 1000 and produces over 100 carcinogens as well as causing a build-up of tar in the lungs over time, possibly leading to chronic bronchitis. Vaporizers solve this problem.

Instead of burning cannabis, vaporizers work by heating cannabis to a point where it is just hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients (for example CBD) but is cool enough to avoid the physical combustion of the plant matter which contains the carcinogens. As a result, people who vape either dry herbs or CBD E Liquids are less likely to be exposed to the toxins that are found in smoke.


Less smell

Everyone who has smoked joints knows that the smell can sometimes attract the unwanted attention of nosy neighbours!

Vaping cannabis still produces an odour, of course, however, the small from vaping is tends to not stick to walls and clothes due to there being no actual smoke.

A good dry herb vaporizer makes it easier to enjoy your herbs when you're out and about.


Save Money

When you smoke cannabis you are literally lighting your herbs up in flames and burning away all those yummy terpenes and the cannabinoids that come with it. A collaborative study by NORMAL and MAPS found that smoking cannabis allows ingestion of just 25% of any available THC compared to vaping which allowed ingestion of 45%; vaping essentially makes your cannabis twice as strong!

Furthermore, vaped cannabis can be used to make pretty potent edibles - see info on measurements here.

Finally, vaping allows you to taste the individual notes of each cannabis strain and enjoy a clearer, cleaner and better flavour.