4 reasons for Westminster legalise cannabis now!


April 26, 2017


Presently, according to the Home Office, it is “illegal for UK residents to possess cannabis in any form”. It is also illegal to grow, distribute or sell.

As a Class B drug, otherwise, law-abiding citizens and productive members of society risk up to 5 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine just for possessing cannabis.

The primary duty of our government is to protect the people it serves and currently, our government’s approach to cannabis is quite simply failing to do that.

Here are 4 reasons why :



People who use cannabis for medical reasons are not criminals – they’re patients and surprising Parliament actually already agrees.

In fact, a poll carried out by Populas found that 58% of MPs, including Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister support the use of cannabis for people battling health conditions

This is not without good reason. Studies are starting to show marijuana’s potential in shrinking cancerous brain tumors. CBD has been found to reduce seizures by 54% whilst THC has reduced spasticity in MS sufferers by 30%. CBD can be administered via tablets, edibles or a CBD Vape.

It is clear we need more research to best determine exactly how cannabis can help treat countless diseases and symptoms and our government’s approach to weed’s regulation is hindering it.

Germany and Italy have already started the process of legalising use of cannabis for medicinal use – why is the UK taking so long!?



According to the UK’s Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, the UK gets through a massive 5.2 million ounces of cannabis a year – that is a lot of Dope that the taxpayer is not benefiting from.

According to the Institute of Economics and Research, nearly £1bn – yes BILLION – in taxes could be raised from the regulated sale of marijuana.

That’s actually more money than we at DANK HQ are able to imagine so let’s put it into perspective.

An extra £1 billion into the exchequer each year would fund :


  • 2.3 million people’s disability living allowance per annum
  • 27,000 primary or 22,000 secondary school teachers
  • free school meals for 2.5m children


Finally, we have Job Creation –  it is not often that a brand new industry materialises. Since legalisation in 2014, Colarado’s ‘green economy’ has created over 10,000 brand new jobs and the Yanks get through a lot less weed than us Brits do.


Just what is the economical argument for not legalising cannabis?!



Unless you read the Daily Mail (and DANK is judging you if you do!) there is yet to be a recorded death from the use of cannabis.

In fact, it is practically impossible to overdose on cannabis and the health implications are minimal if you use no tobacco and use a dry herb vaporizer.

Here are some legally available items more dangerous than your spliff


Alcohol –  114 times more toxic than cannabis and 14.3 deaths in 2014 per population of 100,000.


Caffeine – I found this one hard to believe but Pro Plus, Red Bull and caffeine powder have been attributed as the primary causes of death for individuals who ingested large quantities.

Tobacco – the cause of 18% of adult deaths in the UK and an unprecedented strain on our NHS.

Sugar – hundreds of thousands of deaths every year due to the long list of diseases it contributes to.
At DANK you’ll often find us enjoying a Flat White, a pint and we have a particular affinity for Reese’s peanut butter cups and by no means do we want these things banned. But lets put cananbis in perspective.



It’s been nearly two years since Colorado legalised cannabis and believe it or not smokers are not going on violent rampages throughout the city. In fact, violence and property crimes have actually decreased in the years following statewide legalization

Further to this, the policing of cannabis costs the UK taxpayer £361m a year – an awful lot for an activity most people believe shouldn’t be a crime.

Again, using the USA as an example;  since legalisation has swept across the states the amount of illegal cannabis seized by border patrol has dropped 24%.

Finally, reportedly the average price of illegally grown cannabis has dropped from $90 to $30 per kilogram; a result of demand for contraband has plummeted.

Proof that legalisation puts drug dealers out of business!


So if our government were able to  create sensible regulation and legislation based on science and evidence as opposed to misinformation, The UK would benefit from a brand new source of taxable revenue, 1000s of dealers would be out of business, police spend their valuable time doing meaningful work and most importantly we could focus on finding solutions for the one problem that cannabis does appear to be linked with: super-strength strains which studies have linked to mental illness

With all the above in mind, It goes without saying that DANK promotes only the moderate and responsible use of cannabis, in a dry herb vaporizer, UK.

Any potential harm of cannabis, no matter how minimal should be managed through education and government supported regulation – not fear and misinformation.

Is that too much to ask?!