UK Cannabis dealers are now prescribing cannabis to treat their customer's illnesses.

Medical Cannabis

October 02, 2017

UK cannabis dealers are now giving medical advice to their customers as they look to compete with each on more than just variety and price.

The legal USA cannabis industry is maturing and becoming much more sophisticated. Across the pond, a new breed of legal cannabis companies have emerged and they are creating literally hundreds of strains specifically for treating particular illnesses.

This growth in professionalism has sparked inspiration for UK growers who have been looking to bring medical entrepreneurship to the UK. 

A 28-year-old cannabis grower told the Metro that he has been using the internet to research the benefits of various strains to use in his Dry Herb Vaporizer UK:

"I just went on the internet and researched what all the big American firms are doing with medical marijuana, they have done all the research behind it, so I can trust they are right about this. One website said which weed is best for women on their periods, so I got some of that in too. ‘Also some of the legal cannabis shops and companies tweet about which cannabis is good for what illnesses, so I just follow their advice, it is not rocket science it is just selling weed."


There is no denying that there we are making small but steady progress towards cannabis being legalised across the world.

We have seen Germany, Australia, Spain and even Ireland all make inroads to legalising cannabis.  Unfortunately, despite the growing appetite for a legal UK cannabis market, the end of prohibition does not seem close. With Brexit looming, it does not appear that legalising cannabis high on the agenda for the current conservative government.

Should we be concerned that patients are receiving unqualified medical advice or are UK dealers doing the community a service and meeting an unmet need?