What are the best cheap UK Dry Herb Vaporizers

Best UK affordable vaporizers

September 11, 2018

dank! started because we wanted to provide smokers with a healthier way to enjoy their herbs without charging them the world to do so - therefore we set out to build the best collection of UK Dry herb vaporizers available for less than £100.

It is important to note that low prices or ‘cheap’ does not have to mean ‘poor quality’ - there are a few myths around vaporizers which we’ll answer first before ranking the our favorite cheap vaporizers

Myth One : Cheap means poor quality

The same features that could once only be found in an iPhone can now be found in a slew of Android phones that are available for half the price.

The vaporizer industry is not too different. Thanks to the technological advancements of the last five years, features that could only be found in vapes priced north of £150 can now be found at the fraction of the price.

Features such as ceramic chambers, convection heating, dual purpose and full temperature control can be found at dankvapes.co.uk for less than £100.

Myth Two : Cheap vaporizers do not have a long lasting life

Similar to Myth one; this may have been true once upon a time but this is no longer the case. I paid just over £45 for my Herbstick nearly 24 months ago and despite having a wide variety of vaporizers at my disposal i still go back to it because it is so durable and works almost as well as the day I purchased it.

Furthermore, any vaporizer purchased from dankvapes.co.uk comes with six months full warranty - so keep calm and vape on!


In no particular order :

Best Cheap Vaporizer #1 : Black Mamba - Best Dry Herb Vape under £40

The Black Mamba is one of our best selling vaporizer and for good reason - its powerful conduction heating element is able to vaporize your herbs in just over 2 seconds.

The vapour passes through a food-grade glass vapor path meaning that your clouds will taste just as smooth and nice as ever!


Best cheap vaporizer #2 : Herbstick -  Best convection vaporizer under £50

The Herbstick is still my one of my favorite vaporizers. It’s massive 2200mah battery still lasts for over 90 minutes despite it being just over two years old.

The vape also has six colour coded temperature settings that can be controlled with just one button.Herbstick - Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best cheap vaporizer #3 : Flowermate Aura - Best dual purpose vaporizer under £50

The Flowermate Aura is another favourite at dank! HQ, the Flowermate Aura is the very definition of value for money.

The Flowermate Aura has one of the most efficient convection ovens in the market and it combines this with 7 airflow jets  - possible the most effective way to feel the full effects of your herbs

It has a full digital display that allows you control to the exact degree - your vape your way.

And best of all it will vape the full trifecta; herbs, concentrates and CBD E-Liquid

Flowermate Aura - Cheap Herb Vaporizer UK

Best cheap vaporizer #4 - Herbstick Relax - Sexiest vaporizer under £100

You can place the Herbstick Relax next to a vape twice its price and it will proudly stand its ground.

The Herbstick Relax has taken everything that was great about the original and have somehow managed to make it more compact whilst squeezing a bigger and more powerful oven, a rotating mouthpiece and full temperature control all into one of the best looking vaporizers on the market.

It also has a hard-cast aluminum alloy body can take a good knock too - so it may be for you if you travel a lot.

Herbstick Relax - best cheap dry herb vaporizer


Best Cheap Vaproizer #5: Flowermate Hybrid - Best UK Vaporizer under £100

This Flowermate Hybrid X is a Hybrid in name and hybrid in nature  - it is literally two vaporizers in one body and it’ll vape anything you throw at it, whether it be herbs, liquid or concentrates.

On top of that if you flip it around it features a removable sum ohm tank incase you want massive instant clouds from your liquids.

The mouthpiece is detachable too and fits into the main body making it a great vaporizer to accompany you on long days out.

Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer - Flowermate Hybrid X