What is the best temperature to set my weed vaporizer?

One of the most cleanest and fun ways to enjoy cannabis is to vaporize it. Using a weed vaporizer also gives you unprecented control over your experience, allowing for a pure a pleasurable experience.

Throughout the UK, Vaporizers are becoming more and more popular.

Dry Herb vaporizers work by heating up cannabis to the point where the cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate, leaving only the used plant matter behind. 

When you light herbs, the smoke is a mix of just 10% cannabinoids. 90% of the smoke contains toxic combustion by-products such as carbon-monoxide, tar and benzene.  

In contrast, the clouds from a UK dry herb vaporizer contain upwards of 95% cannabinoids - more of the good stuff!


What's the perfect temperature?

OK, so that heading is misleading. there is in fact no perfect temperature. There is a range of temperatures that release different cannabinoids and terpenes? .

Generally temperatures below 190°C produce a head high, vaping above that induces a body high. After around 200°C cannabis begins to combust.


THC - 157°C  :  The most well known and sought after cannabinoids. It gives users a sense of euphoria and can induce relaxation of the mind and muscles.

CBD 160°C - 180°C  :   Popular among medicinal users. It also counters the negative effects of THC, countering feelings of anxiety and paranoia

CBN - 185°C  :  CBN breaks down THC and is also associated with a sedative effect.


Myrcene - 166°C  :   This terpene increases your body's ability to absorb THC. It also has analgesic, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beta-caryophyllene - 199°C  :  Reduces anxiety effects from THC. Is all anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. 

Linalool - 199°C  :  Aids sleep, whilst reducing anxiety and psychosis.



Controlling your high

Feel good high 160°C  :  at 160°C you get the all the THC along with the CBD.

Energetic high 185°C  :  Once you're hitting 180°C you're absorbing myrcene which increases your body's ability to absorb THC. This intensity will be later balanced out by the CBN moving the high cerebral.

Deep body relaxation high 220°C  :  Get ready for couch lock! A high, near combustion setting is great for use at night time. Also useful for deep pain relief.

Interested in what temperature you should be vaping our CBD Vape Juice? Watch this space - we will be following this up with another blog post very soon!

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