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Dry Herb Vaporizers are the cleaner and healthier way to enjoy your herbs, oils and tobaccos.

How do Dry Herb Vaporizers work?

Over the last decade, vaping technology has rapidly progressed and as such, features that were once deemed luxurious such as ceramic ovens and precise temperature control can now be found for less than £100.

Today, the most popular dry herb vaporizers in the UK are small, portable and affordable.

A herbal vaporizer is typically made out of four parts :

  • Battery - this is what provides the energy to heat your herbs. They are measured in mAh; the higher the number the more power they provide
  • Herbal oven - This is where your herbs are heated. Popular materials are glass, ceramic and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their advantages but you should avoid any vaporizer with a plastic oven
  • Heating component - Your vaporizer will heat your herbs by either conduction or convection - more on this to follow
  • Air path - How the vapour is delivered into your mouth. The material used can affect the taste and vapour quality of your herbs. Again, always avoid any plastic air paths

Should I choose a convection or conduction herbal vaporizer?

Conduction and Convection are similar soundings words but the way they heat your herbs are very different. They both have their own advantages too! 

Conduction vaporizers work by ‘touch’. Similar to cooking on a stove, the herbs will come into direct contact with the heating element which then evaporates the ‘active compounds’ for you to inhale.

In contrast, a convection herb works more similar to an oven; it first creates a hot atmosphere inside the oven. It is the hot air that then heats your herbs.

Convection herb vaporizers are very vogue at the moment because they guarantee no combustion and the most efficient heating.

However, conduction vaporizers have their advantages too. The heat up herbs to a vaping temperature in under 20 seconds. Because conduction technology has been around longer they are often cheaper as well; the Black Mamba and the Pax range of Vaporizers are great examples of conduction vaporizers done well.


Is vaping really that much better than smoking?

We really believe so - YES!

When you smoke herbs your are literally burning your herbs and destroying its cannabinoids. Smoking produces temperatures of over 1000c which causes the plant matter to combust. Combusted plant matter is highly toxic and carcinogenic.

Every cannabinoid will evaporate at temperatures below 220c - this conveniently is the temperature that vaporizers heat too.

So vaping means you inhale more cannabinoids ( what we want ) and fewer carcinogens (what we try to avoid!)

What Temperature should I vape at?

Well, there is is no perfect temperature. Plants and herbs are very complex and each contains over 1000 cannabinoids and terpenes. Each of these has there separate effects and evaporate at individual temperatures.

To break it down you’d need to read an entire blog post about this - good for you we wrote one here: Best temperature for vaping.

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